Visit a webcam model in her country

This seems difficult at first sight, but most camgirls come from the same countries: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia. So, depending on your language skills and your location, you can choose the country that is the most suitable for you. For example, if you live in California, if you learned a bit of Spanish, it makes sense to visit camgirls in Colombia. if you live in Germany, Uk or netherlands, it makes sense to visit Romanian camgirls.


It is easier to visit someone in a country where you don’t need a visa to enter the country. If you need to apply for a visa, you will be forced to plan your trip in advance.

Cheap countries

Most webcam models come from cheap countries: Colombia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia. This means that after spending a bit of money in the flight tickets, it does not cost a lot to stay in one of these countries. This is a major advantage of these countries when you want to meet a camgirl.

Backup plan

Whatever the form of your backup plan, it is good to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Some countries have many backup plans. For instance, imagine that you want to fly to Colombia to meet a Colombian webcam model. If something goes wrong with this particular camgirl, you will still be able to find many other beautiful women in Colombia. You are not going to waste your money. Conversely, if you meet a French webcam model, not only will it cost you money, but you may not have any other options in France. So, ensure you will find a backup plan. Never focus on a woman.

Meet her in the city

It is easy to meet a woman in a city where the international airport is located. It gets complicated if you must travel across the country to meet a woman. Therefore, it would be easier to meet a woman in the big city.

Neutral place against frauds

Don’t meet her in a dodgy neighborhood. Meet her in a coffee shop for the first time. This will also help you to evaluate her personality. If you never met this person in the real world, you don’t know how it is going to be. In fact, this should be a very straight forward solution for her if she just must buy a train ticket or a bus ticket to visit you.

A neutral place is great for several reasons. it will protect you from any frauds and traps. For example, a woman could be used as a bait to lure you into a dangerous place and extort your money. If you choose the places where you are going to meet, you are safe. City centers are also safer than villages and remote neighborhoods.

Also, a woman could be in fact married or engaged. By meeting her in a neutral place, you can check her ring finger. You can observe her attitude to see if everything is fine. You can see if she receives a lot of text messages. A couple may try to trap you to get your money. Keep it in mind. There are effortless ways to protect yourself:

  • Don’t follow a stranger to unknown places
  • Choose the places where you will meet; usually public places (malls, restaurants, bars, hotel lobby)
  • Before inviting somebody to your Airbnb or hotel room, be sure this person is trustworthy.
  • Don’t make yourself always available to strangers

AirBNB’s are better for privacy

The full accommodations of AirBNB are better if you want to invite her. I have travelled a lot and found that hotel staff could be quite intrusive. That’s also why I switched to airBNB’s. No housekeepers infringe your privacy in the morning. You can sleep as much as you want in the morning, nobody will bother you. Also, in hotels, receptionists can be unreliable, unpredictive, jealous. Some women also don’t feel comfortable following a man to his bedroom in a hotel. I think they prefer the intimacy of an apartment.

On the other hand, AirBNB’s are nowadays expensive. Also, hotels are safe because of its hotel staff. So, it is up to you.

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While these websites are not marketed as video dating websites, they don’t ban users and camgirls from exchanging personal details. Also, they feature some webcam girls who are willing to meet users.

Why traveling is the best solution

Some people may think that visiting a woman in her country can be time-consuming and a waste of money. This option has many benefits over the scenario in which she visits your place. If she visits your country, you must pay for her accommodation. You may have to check in and check out on her behalf. Also, if this woman is moody, unstable, uninteresting this honeymoon can quickly turn into a nightmare.

More freedom and opportunities

You may also be disappointed by the attitude of the woman after inviting her. She may become a burden. So, if you told her that you were going to pay food, accommodation, trips, museums. You will find yourself in a tricky situation. If you tell her that you don’t want to see her anymore, she will get upset about it. On the other hand, if you visit her and if something goes wrong, you can find an excuse and escape easily. For example, I know a man who told women that he was busy on a business trip when he visited Kyrgyzstan. This allowed him to free up for different women. For sure, you could do the same thing in your country. However, you don’t know the reaction of these women if you do it in your country.

Less expenses

Usually, camgirls live in cheap countries like Colombia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia. So, a stay in one of these countries costs less than a stay in your country. If you invite a woman for 7 days in a western country, this woman can cost you a lot of money in accommodation, food, transport, and energy. The cost of nice restaurants, bars, entertainment, taxi is significant. Keep in mind that if you invite a woman, you will be spending your money on a woman. Is she worth it? If you do a benefit cost analysis, you discover that it is not worth to spend so much on a female stranger. Whether you can afford it or not is not the actual problem because you could use such money and time on something that could benefit you more than such female stranger.

You avoid toxic women

Let’s take my example. I lived in France. A long time ago, I have met a Canadian woman online. When she arrived in Paris, I discovered she communicated with several men living in Paris. Somebody had already lent her an apartment. Then, I became her guide for few days in Paris. She wanted to visit the most expensive place of Paris, les Champs Élysées. She insisted to visit the most expensive shops. She told me that if I wanted to please her, I had to buy a six-hundred-dollar Vuitton bag. The situation became quickly unbearable. I invited her to a restaurant near this expensive neighborhood. I paid a pricey bill.

When I originally chatted with this woman online, I could not imagine she was a gold digger. She didn’t talk about money and her look didn’t imply she was a gold digger. I could not foresee this situation in advance. This woman didn’t sound greedy or demanding. She wasn’t sophisticated. She didn’t wear makeup. She didn’t wear expensive jewels. She didn’t undergo plastic surgery.

If I would have met her in Montreal, I would have spotted the trap early and i would have said I had something else to do. Hopefully, I didn’t have to pay the return flight tickets and the accommodation in Paris.

No babysitting

If you meet a woman in her country, you don’t need to babysit her. Let me explain. Many women don’t speak English very well. This means that if you invite such a woman to your country (let’s say USA), she will be handicapped if she does not speak English. You will be forced to support her because she will not know anything about your country. She may also fully rely on you to be her guide, her entertainer, her bodyguard, her confident… It can become a nightmare. It may be exhausting. Additionally, you may get nothing in return from her.