“Faceless” camgirls are frauds!

Numerous times I was fooled by faceless camgirls. First, when you see that a camgirl hides her face during her livestream,

If you get in a private 1-to1 chat session with her, it does not mean she will show her face. In my experience, NONE of the faceless camgirls show their faces in private. Your realize that you were scammed after being charged upfront for the webcam chat session. At this point, if the camgirl does not show her face in a private chat session, leave as fast as possible.

Then, you may think the camgirl will show her face if you show your face to her. WRONG once again. You are going to pay but it does not mean she is going to show her face.

Don’t trust comments, reviews, keywords, pictures and good ratings on her profile. It is all designed to lure you into her trap.

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A live faceless camgirl
A live “faceless” camgirl