Why camgirls should date their visitors

I have investigated these situations where a man decided to date a woman working as a webcam model. I discovered it wasn’t a small phenomenon. Several men had a long-term relationship with a webcam model. Some men got married to a webcam model. Some webcam models have children. However, this phenomenon is on the decline nowadays because webcam models don’t want to date customers anymore.

I think webcam models make a mistake. Nowadays, They neglect their regular visitors as potential boyfriends and even friends. Many webcam models are paranoid and think the internet is packed with freaks and weirdos. However, Some adult chat websites allow performers and customers to exchange emails, they should take advantage of it.

Webcam models hardly find a boyfriend

Webcam models told me that it was very difficult for them to meet someone in the real world. Many men are narrow-minded and don’t tolerate their girlfriend to work as a webcam model. This applies particularly in Eastern European countries and South American countries. In those countries, in general, men don’t want to share their life with what they consider to be a sex worker.

Now, many webcam models are obsessed with finding a man in the civil world. However, it brings a lot of trouble in their life. I remember this Romanian webcam model who told me her boyfriend was mad at her for 2 weeks because he found a threesome porn movie in the history of her browser. Another webcam model told me that her boyfriend argued every evening with her about her adult job. Another man asked the webcam model to stop working even if they really needed this revenue. These women met all these men in the “civil” world and this happened. They sometimes lie to their boyfriend or omit to tell him the truth in order to both protect their job and their relationship.

In the past and now

Back in 2011, when I discovered the adult chat websites, many webcam models were willing to meet someone online. Many webcam models met someone for a flirt, a long-term relationship or a marriage. I remember a camgirl who befriended a married man and was invited for a photoshoot in Spain. The wife of this man was aware of it and everybody was happy about it. I remember the story of a Russian man who married the Romanian webcam model WhiteTulip. I remember that some webcam models told me they flirted with interesting adult chat users in real life, and they didn’t regret it.

Then, since 2014-1015, I came back to adult chat user websites and asked camgirls, “did you meet somebody online via this website?” and they always say no. It looks like customers became the “enemies” on the forum like stripperweb.com and the Subreddit “camgirlproblems.” They are stories of sextortion and scams on these forums. However, I have NEVER heard of any scam by experienced webcam models who also operate on Skype.

In fact, everyone can write a fake story on these discussion boards. I think that some trolls can easily make up a story that anyone believes. Because of this, some women consider that “if he wants to meet me off-site, it is a 1/scammer 2/freak 3/dangerous man. I think also that toxic frustrated people try to influence webcam models.

Webcam models should be confident and trust their favorite adult chat users.

The mistake of webcam models

Many Webcam models make the mistake of distrusting adult chat users. However, adult chat users are the men who will accept the job of the webcam model, her sexual desire, her personality, her lifestyle, her schedule. So, webcam models should create an additional email address and open an account on an adult chat website where users can exchange personal details.