Imlive review – the webcam model site

Imlive is a website that features many women in different chatrooms online.

Here is how it works: You choose a webcam model on Imlive, then, you press a button and you get to the private chatroom of the said woman. First, you can text chat with her and she can answer by typing, talking. At that point, you can see her on webcam. then, you may activate your webcam or your microphone for a cam-to-cam chat.

So, Imlive is right choice for those looking for an intimate private conversation with a hot woman.

webcam model choice:

Many webcam models come from Eastern Europe and Colombia on Imlive. Some don’t speak English and they use a translator. The translation process is invisible to you as it is embedded on the cam model side. Nevertheless, these women who don’t speak English can’t talk in a chat.

Many Imlive models are aged from 25 to 35 years old. It is perfect for those looking for webcam models with some life experience.

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You can talk to everything you want to an Imlive webcam model. Also, you can decided to leave a chat whenever you want.


In a private chatroom, you can share a video URL with a webcam model. You can decide to activate your webcam or only your microphone for an audio-only chat.

Imlive allows you to send free offline messages to any webcam models.


Imlive webcam models are very different from each other. Take the time to find a webcam model who can meet your expectations. Don’t jump on the first webcam model and spend all your money on her in a private chat session, otherwise you could be disappointed.

Don’t forget that webcam models are independent from Imlive. This means they may come from anywhere with different motivations and willingness.