Review of – A place full of scammers

First, prohibits users from agreeing on a payment in the messaging area of This means that you must ask the girl to discuss on telegram or whatsapp to agree on a financial arrangement. If you talk about money exchange on your account will be suspended and terminated if you do it again, even if you are a paid member.

Fake women profiles on

Many girls aren’t verified. This means that when you chat with a sugar baby on seeking, you don’t know if this woman is real or not. Let me explain, some people steal photos from hot girls on Instagram and they use it to create a profile on So, you are chatting sometimes with a woman who is not the woman of the profile. This said, you may think you are chatting with a woman, but you are chatting with a man.

Fake profiles are the number one problem of

Women who don’t want to give anything in return

Some women on just want your money and they don’t want to give anything in return. I don’t understand this mindset. Scammers don’t hide anymore. They are like: “you are going to pay me and that’s it”. There is a second option in which

Overpriced nudes

Some girls sell their nudes at a much higher price than if you would buy on a camgirl website.

Anonymity problem

Most girls of only accept paypal payments or western union payments. This means that you must disclose your name to send a payment. This means that after a payment, a sugar baby knows your real name.


If you are looking for live sex chats, pictures and videos of naked women, I suggest you to visit adult chat websites for several reasons. First, they help you protect your anonymity because you don’t need to send money directly to a girl.

If you still want to interact with sugar babies of, i would advise you to meet them in real life. So, the first thing to do would be to set up a date. But still, a scammer can encourage you to give her money upfront before vanishing in the wild. In fact, once you agree on a financial arrangement outside of the website, does not protect you anymore.