Fake woman profiles of robots on seeking.com?

I have joined seeking.com and tried it. after some time, some women, all from Venezuela started to favorite me. I speak Spanish and send a message to these women. I had no answer. For your information, I live in Europe. So many interests from Venezuelan women didn’t make sense. These virtual “women” weren’t even scammers. They didn’t send me a message saying: “hello, babe, i love European men, I need someone to take care of me, i want to live in Europe with you.”

In other words, except the people behind seeking.com, no third party would benefit from favoriting seeking.com users without answering messages. To me, it looks like seeking.com wants to boost its number of female users to pretend that it is worthy in the eyes of male users. It also looks like a fake activity to give the impression that the website is alive.

Some women kept on visiting my profile even if they stopped chatting with me. It was very curious. They visited my profile everyday at the same hour but didn’t send me a message.

seeking.com isn’t like a dating website. We all know that in a sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationship, there is a financial benefit for the sugar baby. So, women should be interested by such benefit.

In conclusion, something is strange about seeking.com