Dangers of Camgirls on whatsapp & telegram

So, we bought Whatsapp and Telegram accounts of some camgirls on Stripchat. Then, we started to chat with them. We asked some of them whether they performed private live shows on Whatsapp and Telegram.

Their live show offers off camgirl sites:

Many among them offered us to have a private session on Whatsapp & Telegram in exchange for a very high price. One asked us to pay $300. Another one asked us to pay $5000. We went for the $300 live session. We were disappointed because the camera on the smartphone didn’t allow us to see much of the action. It lacked a tripod. There were no lights. We quickly understood that

On top of that, the camgirl who contacted us for the $5000 offer, did it at a time when we really had no time to answer. I like to repeat that when you visit a camgirl website, you choose the time of the visit.

Rip-off on the horizon, Mega dangers:

Off camgirl websites, these women are not tied to any terms and conditions. In other words, they can do whatever they want. They can take you money and run. We didn’t observe such situation. Most of time, they just deliver almost nothing but they deliver.

We were disappointed by ALL shows performed on Whatsapp / telegram. We observed the following:

  1. These women weren’t as motivated as on camgirl websites
  2. Once they got paid, they get lazy and they feel like they don’t need to deliver.
  3. When you pay a large sum in advance, you take the risk of being REALLY disappointed by the camgirl.

We were ripped-off:

Twice, we agreed on dildo shows with two women online (they didn’t know each other). We bought them the dildos. After some times, nothing happened. First, each of them told us they ordered the dildos and then, they never talked again about it even if we insisted. The dildo was just an excuse to make us pay. We expected such situation and hopefully we didn’t lose too much money.

Our advice:

STAY AWAY from camgirls on Telegram and whatsapp. Stick to camgirl websites. On these websites, what you get depends on what you pay. The prices are displayed and there aren’t any scams.