Why I decided not to meet a Ukrainian camgirl in my country

I befriended a Ukrainian camgirl online and added her to WhatsApp. I could meet her in flesh but I have decided not to.

Language barrier:

This woman could not read the latin alphabet and she only could read the Cyrillic alphabet. She would have been handicapped in my country. She would not have been able to read any restaurant menus, signs, boards. Consequently, I would have turned into a babysitter.

She claimed that she understood sentences in English, but she understood only 30% of what I was saying during audio chats. However, she pretended to be fluent in English. This is a common issue with Eastern European women. They pretend to understand English but in reality, they don’t understand what you say. They never want to admit they don’t understand what you say.

A disaster in the making:

She used to idealize my country. She started to say that she wanted to live in France. However, she didn’t speak a single word of French. She didn’t have any helpful skills to get a job in France. She would have been a burden if I would have decided to meet her in France. She didn’t held any useful degrees either.

A hidden agenda:

I already met women that I have met online. They had a clear agenda: holidays, work, dating. The said camgirl didn’t have a clear goal.

My 2 cents:

If you want to meet somebody in real, the language barrier is a major problem. The internet allows to reduce this problem to its minimum. This gives the impression that language barrier isn’t a problem. However, in the real world, even with the help of the conversation mode of google translate on smartphone, this is a major problem.

A woman who came to your country can turn into a major burden. Several times, I have heard of men who paid for the hotel room of their dates and decided not to meet her. In this case, the woman is a waist of money. I’d like to repeat that it is much better to travel to a country rather than to invite a woman.

I have written an article where I compiled the pros and cons of inviting a woman in your country vs traveling to her country in the context of global dating.