How to meet a Russian cam model in the real world

If you want to meet a webcam model living in Russia, it is worth choosing a meeting point outside Russia.

This is the solution of choice for men who want to meet Russian women. It is difficult to get a visa to visit a woman in Russia. Russian people also need to apply for a visa when they visit Europe or USA. These administrative tasks make a meeting difficult. For instance, to enter the schenghen space as a tourist, a Russian woman needs a roundtrip reservation, a special travel insurance, a proof of accommodation, a proof of financial means, a travel itinerary.

Türkiye is the perfect meeting point

Türkiye is the perfect meeting point for both Russian webcam models and European/North American men. Russian citizens, Canadian, American, European citizens don’t need a visa to visit Türkiye. This means that it is not complicated to plan a meeting in Türkiye because there is no need for a visa application.

Mastercard and Visa are accepted in Türkiye. The Russian method of payment MIR (Russian debit card) is also accepted in Türkiye. this means that if she visits Turkiye, she will be able to pay in all shops.

The Istambul Airport has flight connections to all major cities in the west. The flight from London to Istambul or Moscow to Istambul only lasts 4h00. You may also decide to meet in a resort like Bodrum or Antalya by the mediterranean sea. These resorts have great hotel clubs with all-inclusive offers. So, you can book a bedroom for you and for her. it is better to book two bedrooms, in case something goes wrong.

Tükiye is a cheap travel destination. So, if you invite her at a local restaurant, you will not spend a lot of money.

For your information, Türkiye is also a good meeting point to meet women who live in the Donbass, in Crimea, in Kazakstan, In Kyrgystan, in Georgia too.

To date Russian webcam models, the best camgirls websites are Stripchat and Camcontacts. These two websites have many Russian models.

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There are also stunning Russian women on Streamate. Nevetherless, the website bans users and models from exchanging their personal details. Some people are creative to stay in touch though.

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Your goal is to meet her:

Make things easy for you and her. Your goal should be to facilitate the first meeting and nothing else. So, if it is more simple to meet in Instambul than anywhere else. Just meet in Istambul. Don’t idealize the first meeting. For instance, don’t expect a romantic weekend on the mediterranean. Your first priority should be to maximize your chance to meet her. I am French and I know many women want to visit Paris. However, I quickly understood that it was a mistake to encourage Russian women to meet me in Paris. This plan required a visa application and subsequent expenses related to this expensive city. However, I would have had no benefits in spending additional money and energy to invite her to Paris.

Meet her outside her country to avoid risks of scam:

it is also safe to meet a woman outside of her country. She will not be able to plan a trap to scam you. For example, a woman could pretend that she is single while she is married. The couple could mastermind a plan to extort your money.

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