Is it possible to date camgirls on Livejasmin and Streamate?

As you may know models and users aren’t allowed to exchange their personal details. Text messages are monitored, especially on Livejasmin. I don’t know about offline messages but I guess it is monitored too. A camgirl could take the risk of losing her account if she would decide to give her personal email address.

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Since camgirls take a high risk of losing their job, don’t expect them to accept your email address. Also, you could take the risk of losing your Livejasmin or Streamate account.

So, if you type your email address, expect the camgirl to tell you that she can’t accept your email address. On top of that, a camgirl tried to send me an email address but since her name was in cyrillic, the message ended up in the spam folder. So, it is much better to chat on whatsapp, instagram or telegram because these messaging apps are reliable.

I don’t know if an Instagram or Snapchat is considered to be part of personal details on Livejasmin and Streamate. The account Snapchat are Instagram usernames are very useful because they don’t contain any special characters that can be stripped by a program. So for instance, you can write something like my instagram is “johndoe”. Anyway, if you decide to pass your insta or Snap to a camgirl, expect her to refuse it. As least, you would have tried. It does not mean she will not write down somewhere.

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