Where to find real Chinese & Taiwanese camgirls?

We discovered that the camgirl website stripchat featured real Chinese camgirls. To find them after joining stripchat, you must click on the “all categories+” button and then click on “chinese”. This will return all Chinese women from China. You can also type “chinese” in the search field at the top of the homepage.

To find camgirls from Taiwan, type “Taiwan” in the search field of Stripchat. This will return live camgirls from Taiwan.

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Language barrier:

Many Chinese camgirls only understand mandarin. I recommend translating your sentences in Chinese(simplified) using google translate when you want to chat with a Chinese camgirl in private.

Things to know before chatting with a Chinese camgirl:

Live chats are not prohibited in China, but stripping is. Don’t expect too much action.

Some Chinese camgirls use video filters and their eyes look bigger than usual. I don’t understand this trend. really. These bulging eyes make Chinese women look like aliens. It is possible to disable this video filter.

China is a closed-off country. These women aren’t aware of what happens in the rest of the world. They often refer to what they call the domestic Chinese culture. Some of them are really interested in foreigners because it is new and exotic.

In China, porn movies are prohibited. Consequently, Chinese people watch porn movies from Japan.

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