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Video call scams spotted on

    We have read reviews of and discovered that some users used it for text chats and video calls with. Some sugar daddies use to chat with sugar babies via Whatsapp, Telegram or Snapchat.

    So, since we review camgirl websites, we are experienced about online chat. We joined and tried it. We really investigated thoroughly because we wanted to see if could be an alternative for the main camgirl websites.

    A world of sugar baby scams:

    Scam 1: We paid, and she didn’t want to chat right away:

    Two women that we contacted simultaneously asked us to pay via Western union. We sent the equivalent of $40 on a Saturday. Once, we sent the money online, after we received the confirmation of western union, these two women said that today was a holiday and they had to wait for Monday. Then, they said they would contact me on Monday. However, I had the receipt of western union proving that I already sent the money.

    However, they didn’t contact me on Monday. Furthermore, these women used snapchat and all the previous messages I sent disappeared.

    I have decided not to go further with these women. I didn’t send a message asking them to schedule an online chat for a reason. Since I transferred the money via western union, I disclosed my name. My name was on the receipt of western union when they withdrew the money. So, if I would have kept on going, the receivers would have received receipts with real name and my address on it. So, I decided not to chat with these women since they knew my name and my address.

    Scam 2: Recorded chat of a sugar baby instead of a live streaming:

    A woman started to chat with us, she said she was only for regular chats. In this case, she wanted $250 every week. We asked her to come in cam2cam. She denied our call. Then, she called us on telegram. We quickly understood that we saw wasn’t a live streaming video. The scammer used a software and played a video file instead of the live webcam streaming. The audio was off. It was overly pixelated. It was the video of a camgirl who performed a live sex show using a dildo. As soon, as the video started, the show started. She didn’t answer our request. The audio was off. It was obviously a scam.

    Sugar babies who are never available:

    There is a woman who always made appointements for a video call but was never available on the day and time of the appointment. She always postponed our appointment. Consequently, we wasted our time waiting for her. So, there are these women who want to chat with you but then, when it is time to text chat, these women have no time.

    Comparison with camgirl websites:


    Camgirl websites guarantee your anonymity. On a camgirl website, webcam models don’t know your name and your nationality. Also, camgirl websites allow you pay via anonymous payment methods like Neosurf or bitcoins.

    Payment time:

    Most of the time, you don’t need to pay a lot of money in advance when you enter a private chat session on a camgirl website. You are charged by the minute on many camgirl websites.


    Most of time, camgirls are fully available for you during a video chat session. On most adult chat websites, camgirls are instantly available for a private chat and you don’t need to wait for it. if she leaves the room, she stops giving you attention, you can quit the chatroom. This instantly stops the automated billing.

    We listed here the camgirl websites where you can instantly enter a private chat session