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These Stripchat camgirls who reject private chat requests

    It is annoying to ask for a private chat session on Stripchat and hear the camgirl saying: “I don’t take private now, thank you”. You see that the private chat feature is available but the said camgirl systematically deny people entrance into their private chatroom.

    I find this situation frustrating. By the way, I have noticed that camgirls have the ability to disable the private chat session feature on stripchat. Sometimes, the private chat button is not there. To me, this is the best camgirl behavior. It means that the said camgirl does not want private chats on Stripchat.

    There are other camgirl websites where this problem does not exist. These camgirl websites are private chat oriented meaning that camgirls make money out of their private chat session. Consequently, on these websites camgirls accept all private chat requests.

    So, let me talk about the problem behind this rejection of private chat requests on Stripchat. Some camgirls don’t want to lose their users of the public chatroom while she is in private. These women think they would earn more money thanks to the users of their public chatroom. But then, if it is the case, why don’t they disable the private chat feature on their stripchat account? I really don’t know. I can only tell you that if you want to avoid this problem, better choose a camgirl website where there is not live show in the public chatroom. I have listed these websites. I listed these best camgirl websites for private chat sessions here.