Paid alternatives to Omegle

Camgirl websites can be an alternative for those who are enough with omegle. First let’s talk about the female population on Omegle, what do you see?

  • Underaged women aka children
  • Women who aren’t psychologically stable
  • Women who make fun of you
  • Entitled, arrogant, self-centered women
  • Women who kick you out from their chatroom even if you were nice

If you are a man, Omegle isn’t the place to have a nice conversation with a woman. I think that men who like to visit Omegle belong to two groups: First group: the guys who just discovered Omegle and hope a miracle / Second group: The masochist guys who like to get hurt.

Conversely, some websites allow you to chat with beautiful women against a fee.

On the websites below:

  • You don’t need to share you personal details with the women.
  • All women are 18+
  • Your instant text messages are not archived forever
  • You are never kicked out of a private chat session by your interlocutor


Camcontacts is a cheap camgirl website where you can chat with women usually from Eastern Europe about anything you want. You can choose your interlocutor in a list. Then, you are charged by the minute. Usually, the price starts at around $1 something per minute. You can talk about everything you want with her. The default mode of the chat is text. This means you don’t need to activate your webcam to chat with a woman on camcontacts. Then, if you want you can activate your webcam for no extra cost. Keep in mind that these women are most of the time not native english speakers. They may use google translate when addressing you.

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webcam chat alternative to omegle


This camgirl website is slightly more expensive than camcontacts but it remains cheap compared to other websites if you wish you chat with a woman. On Imlive, your text messages are destroyed once you leave a private chat session.

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This camgirl website has a category called “hot flirt” where you can find young women (+18) who look similar to the Omegle female users. The quality of the webcam streaming is better than on Imlive and camcontacts. Nevertheless, the prices of private chats are higher than those of Imlive and Camcontacts. Once again, the default chat mode is text. Then, you can decide to activate your webcam whenever you want. Once you leave the chat session, your interlocutor can’t see your instant messages.

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