Is good for adult chat in video calls?

We extensively tried to see whether it good be an alternative to adult chat websites like livejasmin, streamate, imlive, camsoda, stripchat. We can now tell you that isn’t a good idea if you want to chat with somebody online on telegram, WhatsApp, snapchat. We told ourselves that could have been a great alternative to spend less money in long private chats with beautiful women. We were wrong.

Too many scammers on seeking:

There are too many scammers on We sent money and we didn’t have our video call, several times on This can’t happen on an adult chat website.

No terms:

The women of seeking don’t need to follow rules of a studio or the terms of a website. They can be lazy and stop talking to you after starting to chat with you. So, for instance, we started a chat with a woman of seeking on telegram and then she stopped being responsive even if we paid her beforehand.

Unreliable people:

Sometimes, with a woman of seeking, we had to make an appointment, but she never showed up. For sure, this can’t happen with an adult chat website since camgirls are fully available for you.

You must be at her service even if you pay:

Even if you pay, you must be at the service of a woman that you met on seeking. This means that if she contacts you, you must be available right away for a video call. So, let’s sum up, you pay and then, you must be available when she wants to chat with you. It is outrageously not acceptable. On adult chat websites, this does not happen.

These women who are only interested in a real-life meeting:

A small percentage of seeking is just interested in real world meeting. Unfortunately, they can be in a remote location. We found that none of these women were interested in chatting first online even if we paid them. We didn’t like it because we thought that it would have been worth speaking first and then meet. We know there are many predators online: scammers, men who pretend to be women, psychos. It is safer to start talking online.


Adult chat websites protect you against scams. Since you are charged by the minute, you don’t need to spend a big amount of money upfront. Adult chat websites are better for anonymity. Camgirls don’t know your age, your location. You are not forced to upload a picture just like on seeking.

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