How to get invisible on Stripchat?

Stripchat allows you to hide your presence in public chatroom. This is possible thanks to the invisible mode. Once you activate this mode your username does not appear in the list of users. This is how you can visit public chatrooms without getting noticed by a camgirl. This is also helpful to hide your rank.

After activating the invisible mode on Stripchat, you will stop receiving spam messages from camgirls who see that you are a good tipper. Camgirls determine that you are a good tipper thanks to the color of your username. If it is orange or red, it means that you are already tipped a lot. Consequently, they determine that you are a good tipper. Then, they send you a message like: “hello babe, do you want to visit me?” in a PM.

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To activate the invisible mode on Stripchat, Click on the profile icon and then click on the “invisible mode” toggle switch.

For your information, the invisible mode does not limit your abilities on stripchat. You can do everything that you did before. However, as long as you don’t post anything, the camgirl does not see you. For sure, if you type something in the main public chat or in a private message, the camgirl will see your username and your rank.

User profile menu on stripchat