Camgirls who refuse your private chat request

Many websites have a private chat feature. However, it does not mean it is easy to have a chat on these websites. For example, on Stripchat, camsoda and chaturbate, camgirls can be busy doing a live adult show. Camgirls of these websites don’t accept private chat requests when they are doing live shows. This means that after pressing the private chat button on these websites, nothing happens because the camgirl does not accept your requests. In this case you must wait for the camgirl to be free.

In some circumstances, the camgirls never accept any private chat requests even if the private chat button is visible on their profile. This always happens on the tipping websites like Stripchat, camsoda, chaturbate

The reason why these camgirls aren’t interested in private chat sessions:

These camgirls think they would make more money by staying in the public chat room to receive tips. It is a short minded strategy. It also implies that these women have to perform all the time in the public chatroom. It is physically exhausting. A private chat session can’t be as exhausting as a public show where many different users tip and trigger the lovense toy of a camgirl.

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I must say that several times, I was frustrated on Stripchat, chaturbate and camsoda because a beautiful camgirl refused my private chat request. OK, some camgirls may sound nice when you send them private messages on Stripchat and camsoda, but then, it is useless if you can’t visit them in private. I told myself that it made no sense to wait to pay for a private chat session. They are worried about losing the users who are currently in their public chatroom. They think they could get more money from the tips of the users in public chat room. Stripchat, Chaturbate, Camsoda attract these women who follow this logic. So, these women may be beautiful and very nice in the public chatroom but you will hardly be able to get them in private.

I think that if you are forced to get in a private chat session according to schedule, it is not worth it. It can be even dangerous. If you must change your daily routing for a camgirl, this is not good. For example, you could be late at work because of a camgirl. In this case, you can lose your job because of a camgirl. I imagine the situation in which a camgirl tells you: “look i am not ready now for a private chat, come back in 30 minutes.” You may be hooked by the beauty of this woman and this may put you in trouble.