Avoid These camgirls who stream to several sites simultaneously.

Sometimes, you walk into the private chatroom of a camgirl, hear little buzzes, and understand she is wearing a functioning vibrator. This means that other people are tipping her. Sometimes, she stands up for no reason and starts a show. The said camgirl is live streaming to different webcam model websites simultaneously without you knowing it.

This means that if you are in a private chat session, and if you tell her what to do, other users on different websites can see the show for free. This also means that the said camgirl isn’t fully available for you. If she is long to answer, this quickly becomes a bad deal. In a private chat session, if a camgirl isn’t fully available to you, this really

Is there a camgirl website where models don’t broadcast on different websites at the same time?

YES. We found that the camgirl website Livejasmin added an “exclusive model only available on livejasmin” label to most of their webcam models. This means that these camgirls with this label are only available on Livejasmin.com and nowhere else during a live streaming. This means also that if you visit the chatroom of a livejasmin camgirl, she is not going to perform for anybody else. Livejasmin camgirls are fully available for their user in a private chat session. By the way, we tested several Livejasmin camgirls and we never spotted a scammer who would broadcast to different websites.

Exclusive model label on livejasmin
The exclusive model label in the profile description of livejasmin camgirl
exclusive model of livejasmin
A livejasmin exclusive model streaming live on webcam

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Livejasmin isn’t the cheapest website. However, since camgirls are fully available to you as soon as you enter their private chatrooms, Livejasmin is one of the most cost efficient camgirl websites. Livejasmin has other benefits. All its camgirls speak and understand English well, so that you don’t need to waste time typing your sentences, you can turn your microphone without showing your face and talk with the camgirl, if you want. You can also engage in a cam2cam chat session if you want. You can also stick to a text chat and the model will answer you out loud.