AI chatbots fool men on onlyfans

We discovered that onlyfan models could use AI chatbots to discuss with their users online. If you want to find it out, google: “AI chatbots for Onlyfans”. The purpose of an AI chatbot is to persuade users not to unsubscribe from the Onlyfans’ model.

How to find out that an onlyfan model uses AI chatbot?

  • Ask them very precise questions like “can you advise me a good Nintendo switch video game that was released this year?”
  • Spot their instagram and take a look at the location where they took their last photo in public: “where was that beautiful beach where you took this last picture?”
  • preach falsehood to ascertain the truth. For example: say something like “do people like your green eyes?” knowing that the model’s eyes aren’t green.

Therefore, I do advise you to visit camgirl websites rather than onlyfan models because I think that onlyfans models are deceptive. Most of the time, their content is uninteresting. Onlyfans profiles are often SCAMS.

At least on camgirl websites, you can see who you are talking to. You can see that the model is real. You can talk to her in private chat session.